• Timetable - the fantastic way of controlling all of your weekly lessons. It gives you a quick overview of lessons that are scheduled during a selected week. It contains all of the most important information - date and time, instructor and popularity - the number of registered members!
  • Members View - allows the complete overview of your gym's members! The convenient format enables to review users' profile with all the personal data associated with a chosen avatar. This section presents all contact details and the full history of classes the members have attended. The payments are also registered in the system - all of the records are stored in one secure place with an easy access and in a user-friendly shape.
  • The studios, classes, members, staff and payments can be managed efficiently. All the most essential, desired functions are grouped in a one handy tool that is fully integrated with a booking engine.

Admin Panel Features

The admin panel is the main feature in your system. It allows to manage the most important panels of your virtual club. The functions are displayed in 7 main sections (Timetable, Studios, Members, Instructors, Staff, Payments and Settings) and are accessible in a quick, intuitive way. The most frequently used items have dedicated buttons and are accessed directly from the main menu. It is all designed to facilitate your work and speed up your daily routines.

GymClubPro's interface is very practical and consistent in its presentation and layout. Therefore the usage of the system is effortless and comfortable. Some of the screens offer the additional search feature to filter data and return desired details instantly!

GymClubPro contains a built-in booking engine that helps you get the real profits and successfully stimulate your growth.