• Reference each classes you can see its details and check the attendance list. All of the bookings presented for a class can be cancelled, etc. - you can handle manual payments or assign a member to the reserve list for desired class.
  • The classes can be easily managed directly from the portal. The system gives you an opportunity to add new attendees manually, cancel their bookings, and remove picked classed
  • The system protects your data! If you wish to delete an entry it is required to confirm this action with administrator's password. It ensures the safety of the data.

Manage Bookings and Classes Features

The management of your classes and bookings has never been easier. The system has been designed to facilitate all of the required tasks. With a few clicks you can add a new attendee to a class, cancel an existing booking or handle direct cash payments manually. In every moment you can print a list of attendees in a printer-friendly format.

GymClubPro perfectly integrates with a built-in booking engine. All classes, atendees, bookings and payments are bound to give you the full control over this very important process - from the very beginning to the end!