• It does not matter whether your members have attended desired class or have booked it in the system. The GymClubPro enables to manager the payments in a precise, easy way. The users can book the class and pay individually from enabled credits as well as pay with proposed three gateways. The view contains details such as the name / surname of a member, amount / date of payment etc and can be modified to your personal needs. It is also important to join the club signing a virtual contract.
  • My Bookings panel enables to see concrete details of your members booking. This view contains: name / surname, type of training, date, trainer, waitlist etc. When the reservation is completed, the portal enables to see its details for a current list as well as status of the reservation and cancelled / opened for entry sessions.
  • Users are free to select one of up to 3 predefined payment methods. You can decide which of them are available to your club's members. The payment process is very intuitive.

Payment Gateways Features

Offer your members various payment methods and use the potential offered by each of the solutions.

All of the payment gateways included in GymClubPro solution are 100% secure and based on good programming practices. This ensures the high quality and confidence.