• The complete list of your club's members with the most important information bound can be directly accessed from the main menu. You can easily filter them to get a list of members of a selected type (e.g. Suspended). If you need an additional filter you can use the search bar placed above the members table.
  • Members View screen enables more detailed information about a member with an avatar and the history of booked classes! Within this panel you can also easily edit all the member's information.
  • The system protects your data! If you want to delete an entity the system requires to confirm the action with administrator's password to ensure the safety of data stored.

Manage Members & Staff Features

Your club's members and staff can be easily managed with GymClubPro tools. All the information are fully editable. The tool enables to have the access to history of users' activity. This powerful system can be used to verify whether a member has attended the class, the status of payment, etc.

Another great feature of GymClubPro is the ability of setting up a public profile of members! Public profiles can be visited by other members and staff. This helps you benefit as the company and can be treated as a natural advertisement for your business!