• The list of payments is an overview of your budget and your financial status. Track all transactions and gateways that are used.
  • Members have an opportunity to see all of their bookings with their current status - this enables to track the status payment and the gateways used.
  • Members can pay for classes using instant payments. This comfortable process is fully automated and secure - due to three gateways: BarclayCard, PayPal and Skrill - Moneybookers!

Manage Payments Features

All payments (successful / processed / cancelled) are registered and stored in the system. You have instant information of your finances. It gives you the confidence and statement of your finances. Payments are processed in a fully secure way - due to advanced solutions provided by the gateways' security departaments.

GymClubPro offers three different payment gateways (BarclayCard, PayPal and Skrill - Moneybookers). You can decide which of them you want to use.